Friday, March 15, 2013

The secret of fat loss


The key to fat loss, what's the secret?

This is a fool proof way of losing fat and I can assure you, if you are a normal human being, it will work for you.
If you fail to lose weight with this knowledge, you did not follow the instructions.
Follow the instructions precisely and you will 100% lose the weight, why? Because I'm not advertising anything. I'm not selling you anything and all this knowledge will cost you exactly nothing.
I just like sharing knowledge, and this knowledge I got from years of experience with dieting and researched everything I could, just because I love nutrition and the aspects of it towards the human body. This knowledge is scientifically backed up and you can Google or Wikipedia search EVERYTHING I tell you here to verify whether it's true.

Why is the fat not melting off?
I've heard so many people complaining about their newest weight loss plans not working, or they do work but fail to continue after a week or so.
I've heard everything, from a soup diet to Atkins, from high protein to low fat, for some reason fat loss is still one of the most controversial subjects.

I've seen people complaining about not being able to eat the school's lunch hour foods because some meals contain carbs!

All these people probably have forgotten how the human body works, or how any living being's body works.
To lose fat mass you do not need any magical pills, powder. You do not need to triple your water intake and sleep without clothes to make your body burn more calories by heating up your temperature!

With all the diet magic crap out these days it's very hard for an individual to seek truth between all these advertisements.
Why are fat burners not the key to fat loss? Are they sold? And how do we call organisations who sell products? That's right, companies.

And as we know the only thing companies are focused on is making profit, they're a business,and there's nothing wrong with that.
Why would they, even if it existed, sell you a product that would melt all your fat off?
Sure at first they would make a great amount of money, but once everyone is slim and toned, there is no money left to make.
They make so much profit selling you useless stimulants, while saying they are all you need for fat loss.
Why? Because that's how economics work, if a consumer wants something desperately, he or she is willing to sacrifice a great amount of effort to get it.
If it is fat loss, a consumer will keep continue to buy products until he is satisfied, and that satisfaction just by buying products will never come.

Understand what fat loss is

To understand fat loss you first should know how the body works, so here's a short explanation, now I'm not a expert physician or chemist but this is basically common, wide accepted and scientifically proven information.

Fat is energy. Your body uses energy throughout the day to complete it's task: survive.
Your vital organs need energy as well as every other part of your body.
Your body's energy consume are mostly called calories, also called Cal's.

1 calorie is the amount of energy it takes to heat gram of water for 1 degrees Celsius.
This is a very small amount of energy en therefore mostly use kilo calories, or Kcal.
When we deprive your body of calories for a small amount, meaning that your body gets insufficient calories, it's going to use it's energy reserves.
It has 3 main energy reserves, which it uses mostly by order. 

1. glycogen stores
This is a short and fast form of energy. If you'd sprint 100m right now these would mostly be used. You should see this as a short term supply. Eating (carbohydrate-rich) food will fill this up and allows you to perform sports and main body movement. The higher these are the more energy have.

2. fat cells
This is your main target, this is the stored energy your body has to burn and losing fat is just simply burning this stored package of energy.
This is the sweet spot we're aiming for.

3. protein (lean muscle mass)
This is not what we want as muscles can make us seem slimmer and taller, and muscle actually burns calories itself just by sitting there! It needs oxygen, blood and protein to repair it self, this means if you have more muscle you burn more calories thus resulting in fat loss!

Now the order is not strict, your body uses glycogen stores at the same time as fat mass but we are just going to use this for simplicity.

People are making fat loss way too complicated, basically the only thing you need to do to lose FAT MASS is eat less calories than you consume.

A lot of people just eat less when they're trying to lose weight, but how can you know if you're eating less calories than you burn?

The first thing to do when trying to lose weight is to calculate your maintenance calories, this is the amount of calories your body burns a day and if you roughly know the number, you have golden information.
It's very hard to precisely calculate this number but we can make pretty accurate assumptions.

Calculate the calories you burn
To calculate your daily calories use this link:

I calculated mine at about 2700 calories. now you want to eat about 20% under your calorie level and go on the high end of the number you get.

2700 * 0,8 = 2160 so we're gonna shoot for 2200 calories a day.

What does this mean? I would be burning 500 calories more than than I eat everyday.
1 pound of fat is about 3500 calories burned whereas 1 kg of fat is around 7500 calories burned.

So let's say you want to lose 10 pounds of fat, then you need to burn:

10*3500 = 35000 calories 

We burn 500 calories extra each day so:

35000/500= 70 days to reach this goal.
This is a little more than 2 months, but this speed of weight loss is pretty much prevents any yoyo effects and you will be done and lost 10 pounds purely fat.

So what you should do first is calculate your maintenance calories and eat 80% of that.
Now you see the problem, how do you know how many calories you eat?
You count them, simply counting them is only way to control your weight loss.

Counting them is pretty easy as every bit of nutrition information is on the back of products these days.

Count the calories
You can use apps like Fitnesspal on your smartphone, write everything down or use one of the many online calorie counters. If you google "calorie counter" there are tons of sites where you can create an account and start counting.

Why can't you just eat a little less? Because there's a thing called calorie creep, which basically means you never know how many calories you ate and you can't base it on your feelings.
The reason for counting calories is because you are 100% sure you will lose fat, because that's how the body works. You eat less calories than you calculated, less than your body burns. A lot of people claiming they still didn't lose fat when they counted there calories are lying.

If people need to lose weight they eat under their maintenance level, and there are so many examples of these people claiming incapable of losing fat, then being fed controlled calories and BAM they lost weight.

Go to your nearest hospital and ask how they make patients lose weight for an operation, they literally spoon feed their patients to a calorie deficit and this always results in fat loss.

When I lose fat, I don't even do cardio and you don't need to do cardio either, if you really ENJOY cardio go ahead, but if you just want to lose weight you do not need to run a single mile.

Make sure the calories you eat are clean
So could you just eat pie all day if you stay under your maintenance level? NO
You need to make sure the calories you do eat are as clean as possible, the most important thing to eat is probably protein, then fibers and fats.
I recommend eating about 0,34 to 0,54 times your body weight in pounds in protein.
So if you weigh 150 pounds you need to eat between 51 and 81 grams of protein a day.
I recommend to go on the higher range as this really improves your muscle repair after a workout and this really helps with the fat loss.
The rest of your diet you should fill up with good fibers (carbohydrates) and many unsaturated fats which are healthy.

So what do you need to do: calculate your maintenance calories using the website I gave you, eat 80% of that by counting calories by a notebook or an online website or app, and then make sure the number of calories you do eat consists of a reasonable (increased) amount of protein and make sure you get the daily amount of vitamins and fibers.

You will lose weight using this, I can guarantee. You can go ahead and search if calorie counting really works. Bodybuilders use this to get extremely low body fat levels, athletes use this to lose fat to improve their performance, actors and rich people's personal coaches use this too because this is a fool-proof method that has been around for decades.

Go ahead and start now by counting.